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We would like to share our passion for healthy and happy animals with you! Therefore we offer you on the one hand the knowledge and technology to train your protégé in an animal-friendly way, i.e. for us fair communication without pressure and dominance, no matter if dog, horse, goat, lion or canary. On the other hand, we offer a constantly growing range of training and therapy equipment, so that you can also use our professional equipment for healthy muscle building and mental exercise at home.

Our training & therapy equipment

Steigerwald.training & therapy equipment offers you and your pet a completely new kind of meaningful activity. Our equipment is much more than a nice gimmick for in-between times, because real rocking means muscle training with fun and that for everyone, humans and animals! It is suitable, for example, for the playful training of young horses without overtaxing them physically and as a low-impact but effective training for four-legged seniors and rehabilitation horses. For riding horses, it is the ideal complement to work under saddle, because it challenges and promotes all muscle groups that a horse needs to be or become a healthy riding horse.

Of course, we have also thought of our smaller four-legged companions, because similarly our dogs benefit from the seesaw training.

Our training equipment has been continuously developed in cooperation with a multi-professional team of veterinarian, physiotherapist, osteopath, hoof specialist and horse and dog trainers. For the effects described, e.g. the type and intensity of the rash is of immense importance: not just any seesaw is suitable for healthy seesawing pleasure! Therefore, fall back on the proven quality of experienced professionals and trust in our competence in matters of animal health.

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